Welcome to Let's Truck Tribe

Our Mission

The driving force of our success is understanding the evolving needs of today’s owner-operators and drivers. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions for the challenges they face. 

The Tribe

The Let’s Truck Tribe is a group of people with a mission to do the hard work, continue their education, improve their health and well-being, and achieve success in their business. Tribe members share their knowledge and experiences to inspire one another to learn, grow, and celebrate the journey.  

The Talent 

We are driven by the success of our tribe. Our first priority has and always will be to provide you with the knowledge and services that save you money, help you reach optimal health, and keep you safe on the road and at home.

Choose Your Experience

Within the Let's Truck Tribe, you have the freedom to choose which tribes you'd like to explore, gain knowledge from, and establish connections. Whether it's Trucking or Health, or BOTH - It's your choice!


Healthy Tribe creates a space for smart discussions and authentic connection making in an easy-to-navigate forum. The purpose of this space is to foster a tribe of shared beliefs and values and provide a place where our tribe can come together for knowledge and support while on their journey to achieving optimal health.


Trucking Tribe is the only group on the planet dedicated to helping 100,000 or more drivers reach their personal and professional goals to live the life they've always wanted. We also offer our tribe opportunities to get their questions answered by Kevin Rutherford and our Let's Truck partners. The unique mix of personal and professional development gives you a chance to connect with and learn from a global tribe of people with a mission to improve their business and their lives.

Unlocking Success and Wellness

Joining Letstrucktribe.com opens up exciting opportunities for members to participate in Group Coaching with Kevin Rutherford and enroll in The Certified Master Carrier (CMC) Program. Tailored for individuals in the trucking industry, these programs aim to foster both personal and professional growth. 

By being a part of Letstrucktribe.com, members can access resources and support systems specifically crafted to address the unique challenges and goals within the trucking community.

Get ready to elevate both your health and business with our weekly Group Coaching sessions led by Kevin Rutherford.

One week is devoted to actionable, trucking-specific business strategies, and the next week focuses on achieving optimal health goals. Kevin's holistic approach combines actionable business strategies with sustainable health practices, all within a supportive trucking tribe. 

It's a one-of-a-kind opportunity to make every mile—and every meal—count toward a healthier, more profitable you.

Group Coaching with Kevin Rutherford is your roadmap to achieving optimal health and wellness and business success.


  • Bi-Weekly Health Group Coaching Calls.
  • Bi-Weekly Trucking & Business Group Coaching Calls.
  • Access to all Let’s Truck University online courses.


Aimed at elevating the skill set, confidence, and financial success of Independent Trucking Professionals, this program is a game-changer for Owner Operators seeking to reach new heights of achievement. The Certified Master Carrier (CMC) Program was created specifically for the forward-thinking Owner Operator, offering a unique opportunity to push your personal and business objectives to the next level.

This groundbreaking program will help you acquire critical business and financial knowledge designed to boost your profitability and reach your professional goals. Upon successful completion, you will be awarded the Certified Master Carrier (CMC) certification, marking you as a leader in the industry with advanced skills recognized by your peers.

What to expect in the CMC Program:

  • Learn directly from Kevin Rutherford during bi-weekly virtual classes where he will walk you through each lesson and answer your questions. 
  • Learn important concepts and skills related to your trucking operation and your personal financial strategy. Many of these can be put to immediate use in creating greater profits and long-term financial security. 
  • Connect with like-minded professionals who have also made a commitment to do the hard work, continue their education, and achieve success in their business.

Together we can make a difference
Together we can lift each other up 
Together we can achieve optimal health and wellness

Terms of Use

We’re committed to making Healthy Tribe a safe place to hang. Content that threatens people, has the potential to intimidate, or fighting with others is not allowed and won’t be tolerated. Zero tolerance, no refunds!